Wild Man Writing Course


The Wild Man Writing Course
This is a course for men, in particular it is a course for those men who feel as though they are wild inside, yet do not know how to release this spirit. This is a course for wild men.
Module 1 Introduction
Welcome to the wild man writing course. You can also use the Index to navigate to any part of the exercise that you have already finished. The exercise may take up to five hours to complete. You may quit the exercise any time by clicking Exit/Home or shutting down your browser. If the current page is a page you have been writing on, remember to click Save before exiting. The text that you entered on previous pages will have already been saved. Onwards...
Unit 1 This is the first unit in the module.
Module 2 The Wild Man Inside
We need to know, concretely, whether or not we are progressing towards rediscovering the wild man inside. Of course, this is not an easy task. When we are living truly as our essential selves, it would appear that this wild man is easy to express. However when we get sucked into the complexity of life, marriage, domesticity, children, career and social pressures the task becomes much more difficult. This Module takes you through the three inital taks to understand more about who this wild man is.
Unit 1 Wild Man 01 - Memory
Unit 2 Wild Man 02 - Innocence


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