Track Your Wild Life


Evolve your tracking skills using lessons from the ancient art form of tracking. Find a life full of meaning, purpose and passion.



The dominant culture of our world is sick. What it produces is a horrible isolation regardless of whether you are successful at it or fail at it. One of the greatest ways to heal is to find your gifts and share them. When we do that work in ourselves and for ourselves, I have yet to meet a person who hasn’t followed that and resulted in some desire to change or give. Life itself is intelligent. In some very intricate way it is intelligent beyond us and what presence is, is the alignment of yourself with the field of life itself. Thats where people experience flow states, presence, etc. Its the opposite of the narcissism we are sold.

When you get in touch with it, its whole dynamic is to serve. To give attention not get attention. The tracker does things with absolutely no understanding of why they are doing it but see the magic of it in hindsight once they are at the end of a track.