Track Your Life Online Guided Retreat


I will share with you the ancient skills, mentality and approach of the tracker and then how we can apply those to finding what we are looking for in our own lives.

Tool 5 - Keep Following

This course is designed to function at multiple levels.  I will teach you how to go inward, tune your attention, cultivate more awareness and track your most authentic life.  If you are in a state of personal or career transition this course will help you find the “track” to move forward on.  If you have ever felt like you were here with a mission to transform consciousness, heal nature, serve at your highest and lead your most meaningful life then you are most certainly a part of the tribe of forgotten trackers and this course is for you.

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This introductory online guided retreat is an opportunity for you to journey deeper into your wild self by helping you identify what is calling you forward towards more authenticity and will help you lead a more purpose driven life.

It will teach you how to develop strategies that create more opportunities in your life and how to fully embody this new awareness to live like a tracker. Wherever you are on your personal or professional journey this course will help you move forward effectively in your transformation.

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Boyd Varty