Village Building


I am Because of You, You are Because of Me

Welcome home

  • If you are troubled by a sense of disconnection and a longing for a different, simpler way of life
  • if you love and long for a relationships with the natural world
  • if you feel compelled to participate in the mending of the planet and a restoration of harmony between humans and nature…

Welcome Home…  You are already part of the village consciousness. It’s time to start building your village.

What I learned from Nelson Mandela

Boyd Varty: What I learned from Nelson Mandela

Boyd addresses a packed crowd at the 2013 TED talks.

Why a village?

I believe the village is the ideal unit of human connection to each other and to the natural world.  It is the alternative to the widespread sense of loneliness and disconnection in contemporary life, which I see as an undiagnosed homesickness for the earth.

Taken away from our innate humanity, we become robotic and driven by consumerism. We forget what it means to be soft-hearted and connected.

The village, by contrast, is about belonging. It is a place to return to a deeper humanity. It represents a reconnection with each other and with the natural world. And with a sense of the abundance that nature can provide, and the way that we need to hold each other in community.

As we build our villages and embrace village living in our lives and businesses, we are participating in something much bigger: the restoration of the human spirit and the planet. A new consciousness is taking root across the world and it is within this consciousness that the possibility exists for restoring the planet for humans and animals.

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Forms of village

Villages can be built in companies as well as communities. To create a village in your business is to stand for more than your product. It is to be contributing to a vast restoration. And it is to attract top-caliber village builders into your company and a customer base that is increasingly steeped in village consciousness.

Creating a village atmosphere in your business allows every employee to express their own fullest potential. It

  • Creates a sense of shared endeavour in your workplace culture
  • Creates a shared language
  • Unites employees in service of the interconnected wellbeing of the village.

For individuals, village building is about coming home.

Your village won’t look like my village. But our villages will share certain things in both in their hardware and especially their heartware.

Features of the Village

  • A sense of shared endeavor
  • Extended family (biological or chosen)
  • Shared roles in raising children
  • People are engaged in each other’s wellbeing; personal wellbeing is tied to the wellbeing of others
  • I see how people who have lost their way are given opportunities to remember. Are held by their community.

World Village (Village Consciousness)

We are all villagers in the world village, which is also a level of consciousness about the innate connection between us.  It is about recognising what Byron Katie once said to me:

“The village you’re trying to create, the village of perfect harmony, it already exists. Can you wake up to it?”

The world village is about:

  • cultivating what it means to be human
  • a restoration of the natural world
  • remembering the ancient ways
  • imagining and making our own lives
  • reconnecting with our food source
  • a return to being
  • kindness and love as central values
  • the desire to co-create something new in the universe.

Finding the Others

It’s not just you.

Village building begins at the moment an individual realises that the models they’ve been given for how to live have only taken them so far. When they feel a longing, a sense of mission that is not met by anything in the culture, or if they can find no fulfilment in the options provided by the culture.

If this is you, you are being pointed to a different way of being in the world, a journey towards village. You are already a village builder, part of a vast movement of human beings working to restore the planet and the human spirit.

Open yourself to the idea that there are people all over the world who are wrestling with the same feelings that you have. We are all part of the largest unnamed social movement in the world. Millions of people around the world are filled with the same longing that you have. As you commit to the journey, the village will begin to take form.

Now it’s time to find the others. if you can start to begin to bring together a group of people in the consciousness of village creation, you can build a village wherever you are.

Start building your village

We live in a fractured time, cut off from each other in many parts of our lives. Many of us feel a sense of alienation and a longing to get back to nature or to a way of life that feels more authentic. Yet this is also a time of great possibility and opportunity.

My work unites ancient technologies with the modern skill of life coaching to help you track your own way into a life that feels natural, whole and deeply fulfilling. I facilitate the building of a “village consciousness” for individuals and businesses and can show you how to build a village that leads to wholeness, connection and the most effective use of our energies.

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