Finding Your Own Track To Follow with Brilliant Miller

Boyd Varty - 12th May 2021

I was recently interviewed for this unique podcast hosted by Brilliant Miller, who has an incredibly fun, fresh style. He started the School for Good Living to help everyone live more fulfilling and joyful lives. In our discussion we explored my books and some encounters from my time as a tracker, as well as what it means to live a good life. We also talk about what it took to get my books written and my tips for future writers!

The Unconventionalists

Boyd Varty - 5th May 2021


Thank you Mark Leruste from  The Unconventionalists – and for your words below:

“There’s nothing more healing than finding your gift and sharing it.” – Boyd Varty

Since childhood, Boyd Varty shared his home with lions, leopards, snakes, and elephants and has spent his life in apprenticeship to the wisdom of nature.

Boyd survived a harrowing black mamba encounter, a debilitating bout with malaria, even a vicious crocodile attack, but his biggest challenge was a personal crisis of purpose.

As a university student, he studied psychology …

We Are the Creators & the Healers of Our Own Suffering – The Great Unlearn

Boyd Varty - 24th March 2021

Fan favorite lion tracker, Boyd Varty, is back with us and diving into the “art” of suffering – a self-inflicted phenomenon.

With cal.callahan

It’s safe to say that we’ve all suffered one time or another, but oftentimes people remain in the drama-filled stories that they, themselves, have created. I know I have. With this, the suffering doesn’t end… it only replicates. In this episode, Boyd breaks down a few of his own stories of suffering and his discoveries from the untrue stories that he placed atop the kind reality.

Sacred Sites podcast Boyd Varty

Expedition 5 – The Sacred Enemy

Boyd Varty - 16th July 2020

Sacred Sites podcast Boyd Varty

Expedition 4 – Hyena Telepathy

Boyd Varty - 8th July 2020

Sacred Sites podcast Boyd Varty

Expedition 3 – Shadow Tracking

Boyd Varty - 1st July 2020

Sacred Sites podcast Boyd Varty