Story Hunter

A person who can tell a story is gifted with the ability to help people understand and feel.

Storytelling is an ancient Shamanic art. A story told around the fire is an act of beauty. It is vibratory resonance, it’s telepathy. This is why storytelling is magic.

Story Hunter is an exploration of the art form – and the magic – of storytelling as a way to structure awareness and make meaning of the world. 

Become a Story Hunter with me.

Join me for Season 4, Part 1 – Exploring the Magic of Storytelling:

From the time I was young, around campfires, I have watched the magic of this oral tradition in action. A truly brilliant storyteller is conveying audio wavelengths of feelings, he is structuring awareness. 

Storytellers have always been the meaning makers of the time they were in – and we need meaning in this time. We need context and a narrative. 

Storytelling is Seeing,

Storytelling is Context,

Storytelling is Leading,

Storytelling is Life,

And that is why you must become a Story Hunter

Great storytellers live as story hunters – a way of life that is a fundamentally divergent choice from a typical way of life. It is a way that shapes each moment of each day and brings with it a sacred shared code of understanding between those who live in this way. Story hunting is about reviving the magic of the oral tradition of storytelling and moving closer towards a shared consciousness.

In an increasingly homogenized and technologically-driven world, the Story Hunter way of life will bring you to life.

My hope is that by sharing my stories, you will become the architect of your own.


Story Hunter emerged out of a time when I had retreated back into the wild African bushveld, after three years of almost endless travel. I wanted to disappear for a while. I like the idea of artists disappearing periodically. In fact, I have come to think of anonymity as one of life’s deepest gifts. Almost instinctively, after a period of time, I found myself chasing stories again.

I found myself going back to the wild with journalistic intent and a propensity for creative licence.

I have travelled to campfires everywhere to meet those who have lived close to the wild, particularly the First Nation people, the Bushmen. I found myself in pioneer towns and driving along rutted roads. My journey specifically took me to the wild places of Botswana, and always the bushveld of eastern South Africa.

I like being around those who speak the language of the wild, those who embody a different level of understanding of what it means to be wild. I was particular about who I sought out. I want to talk to those who can help me deepen my understanding of how wilderness is a doorway to soul.  

Humans are narrative creatures, and in each story, I begin to find answers.

Let’s go story hunting.

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Join me for Season 4, Part 1 – Exploring the magic of Storytelling: 


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