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We Are the Creators & the Healers of Our Own Suffering – The Great Unlearn

Fan favorite lion tracker, Boyd Varty, is back with us and diving into the “art” of suffering – a self-inflicted phenomenon.

With cal.callahan

It’s safe to say that we’ve all suffered one time or another, but oftentimes people remain in the drama-filled stories that they, themselves, have created. I know I have. With this, the suffering doesn’t end… it only replicates. In this episode, Boyd breaks down a few of his own stories of suffering and his discoveries from the untrue stories that he placed atop the kind reality.

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The Life Changing Lessons Nature Can Teach You

The Cure of The Wild with Lion Tracker Boyd Varty | AMP #300


Boyd Varty is in the unique position of being both a lion tracker, and a tracker of human psychology. What he learns from nature he can immediately share as a lesson for our own mental, emotional, and spiritual well being. In his latest adventure, he spent 40 days alone in the African bush. He encountered fear in its purest form, and grace in its most divine. He’s also one hell of a story teller!

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Woke and Wired

Following The Track Of Your Life and Creative Process in The Digital Age

Boyd Varty’s podcast series, 40 days and 40 nights, is the most impactful content I’ve experienced this year. In it, Boyd explores the archetype of the mystic in nature, how consciousness changes outside of the structures of modern life, and what it means to be wild.

In this episode we discuss:

We discuss: 

  • Boyd’s top lesson from living in a treehouse in the wild for 40 days
  • How to create space for a different system of intelligence to unfold
  • Being a conduit for nature’s wisdom
  • Boyd’s content creation process
  • Taking notes as a way to connect to the Divine
  • Restoring the land
  • Being a creator and an artist in the digital age
  • The vital part of the famous Joseph Campbell quote that’s often left out
  • The power of discipline
  • Letting go of societal norms to step into your wild nature
  • Going beyond the playbook of “success”
  • Feeling alive and expansive as an indicator of moving closer to your purpose
  • Boyd walks us through the 4-step process that’s been the most profound teacher in his life
  • How to question and reframe your limiting beliefs
  • Podcast as an opportunity to broadcast your frequency
  • Boyd’s personal approach to boundaries with Instagram


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Coke CMO Leadership Summit

coca cola cmo leadership summit

Discovering The Track Of Your Life With Boyd Varty

Born and raised at Londolozi Game Reserve in the South African wilderness in a family of conservationists, Boyd Varty grew up with lions, leopards, snakes, and elephants, speaking the local language and learning how humans and nature can naturally and beautifully co-exist. Boyd is a wildlife and literacy activist and a lion tracker, life coach, storyteller, and author. On today’s podcast, he joins Katherine Twells to talk about how you can discover the track of your life and find your authentic path. He also shares some deep insights that can guide us, especially as we navigate these uncertain times.