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Lessons from the Wild Part 1

The natural world is always communicating with us. If we learn to listen and learn from it, there is no better teacher on the subject of how we should live.

In the process of tracking our lives and building our villages, we naturally become more closely attuned with the natural world. We begin to fall into the rhythms of nature, and to understand the guidance and lessons we are receiving. We come to see the harmony of nature’s unfolding and all the ways it holds us. Our souls are fed as we learn to live in line with our own true nature.

The cathedral of the wild contains an innate spirituality. When we look into nature and become aware of her processes, we invite that spirituality and the depth of that natural teaching into our lives.

The village consciousness calls for a return to ancient wisdoms, and it is here again that nature can teach us. It will help us remember the harmony that we once shared with the natural world, which is what we need both for healing our own lives and for healing the planet.

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