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Live By Following Your Heart: LEAP retreat 2017

Are you feeling called to create a life that is wilder and more beautiful?

Are you ready to live by following your heart, not the rules laid down by others?

Do you long for community to support you in transforming your life?

People have turned to nature, stillness, and deep communion to create such inner stability, for thousands of years.

You’ll be guided—through live coaching, structured teaching exercises, and your own interaction with nature—to achieve a quantum leap forward in your personal development.

You’ll identify and release negative patterns that impede your happiness and progress.

You’ll explore aspects of your consciousness in which there is very little suffering, and enormous loving power.

You’ll learn to balance yourself through alignment with your own true nature, and to regain that balance quickly if you lose it.

Finally, you’ll see how you can create an outward manifestation of your best inward self, forming a community (and perhaps a world) that reflects the quiet confidence and steadiness you are meant to embody.

Join me and Martha Beck at Deer Valley, Utah,  4 – 7 May, 2017. For all the info, visit Martha’s website.

I look forward to meeting you there!

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