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Day 8 – Thank God for the Spade

Day-8-40-days and 40 nights

4 thoughts on “Day 8 – Thank God for the Spade

  1. This was a pearler! As with day 3 probably not so funny at the time 🙂

    I find it interesting that you mention with regard to nature that you felt like you’d done something wrong and that in your meditation you experienced wandering through the halls of the boarding school you were sent to at age 10. Is nature perhaps giving you the opportunity to heal a wound. A curious parallel or just a crazy night in the bush 🙂

  2. Every morning, at dawn, with coffee in hand and a view across the Nevada basin, snowcapped peaks behind and in front, I have listened to your dispatch. And I thank you – or who knows who I need to thank – for the perfect timing of your dispatches.

    For me, and likely for many others during this global “stay-in-place, time has collapsed such that I feel more fully connected to our common journey called lifer. These tidbits of amazing storytelling have soothed my mind’s need to know, and life is so much more effortless and free. Each day there is less to plan. Worry loses it’s foothold. And as such, I continue to track the life I love and the creativity I am committed to, re-invigorated and with more trust than ever, from 12,000 miles away but the feeling of it all happening next door.

    May you survive the next 34 days as, honestly, I’d hate to lose this glimpse back to Africa!

  3. Truly interesting trip and interesting lives. I would love to hear more about that!

  4. Hey Boyd! I was laughing all the way over here in Canada! Man, you’re good! Great episode!

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