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Day 17 – On the Trail of the Wild Man

Day-17-40 days and 40 nights emily lamb

8 thoughts on “Day 17 – On the Trail of the Wild Man

  1. Such a deep gift each day to receive your next broadcast from the tree. A real highlight of the day.
    Each one is so varied in pace, thoughts and experiences. As I walk the crazy never ending 65 step circles of the garden listening to your posts, I have been musing about the notion of zones and the world around us, and in ourselves.

    With lockdown the physical zone we inhabit daily has shrunk dramatically. The boundaries of countries, communities, household and physical self are drawn in,raised higher and patrolled with intention and real vigilance. Whilst I long to be in “the big out there” this change brings unexpected discovery. I am noticing the wildness within the garden in a whole new way. I am also far more present to the ever moving turbulent sea of feelings, thoughts and musings within self navigating this place.

    Listening to your posts I can feel the 14000 hectares boundary, the zones of freedom to roam and those areas closer to lodges to steer clear of to stay within the experience

    And so I wondered if for a day if the zone you inhabit was to shrink in size to being just that which falls within sight of your tree, how might that shape your experience of wilderness, tracking and self? How might a different territory size impact lived existence and perception ..and how could that inform connection to the living things around you that live out lives in different notions of space?

    In asking the question I am keenly aware that it is the question I am grappling with the most for self, and for others. And wondering how this shift in global daily experience, like the mark of the storm left within you, will leave a clear imprint on us all.

  2. I listen every morning to your previous day’s wisdom, birdsong for background, hot coffee in hand. I am in the city but can imagine your surroundings, having been to Londolozi.
    At a time of slowing down and tuning in and reflecting, your honest and transparent thoughts and feelings are a lifeline as I navigate my way through this muddle, forced to engage with me, myself.
    Today your words brought tears to my eyes and reached deep in my soul.
    Thank you for this.

  3. Boyd, thank you for this level of authentic self reflection and your capturing of the flow of how when we move through pain we release it. I was moved as you spoke of facilitating your Dads unworked grief and the understanding of how he has moved from the dark of grief to the light of creating meaning for thousands to be able to connect with the wild essences of nature and all that it teaches us and that his own loss didn’t define his future well purposed life. You highlight that being a man is not about external exploits and performance, or the testosterone levels of maleness, but about coming to listen to the dance of influences that make us more integrated and whole in our humanness, and you point to, how now, in the face of life’s fragility in a Pandemic we can access an invisible strength of being present, paying attention, subduing the ego, waiting for God, trusting the markings of our inner divinity which can rise tall as the jackalberry trees, with all of creation, in the garden we are called to re name- our Home

  4. Oh Boyd. another stunning powerful insight you have just shared. thank you. it feels like the opening of the 6th and 7th chakra- when your humanness and Spirit meet and create… each day is phenomenal..Sending you love and light my Honeyxxxx

  5. So far this was my favourite episode, lots of nuggets to contemplate. Thank you Boyd 🙂 A ceremony with a parent is a truly special thing. My very first one was with my mum (also my best friend) granted I was the one that was releasing grief and pain but it was an amazing experience to share with her.

  6. My favorite episode that really spoke to me on so many levels, keep flowing China 😉

  7. An episode for the ages! Spot on Boyd! Thanks mate!

  8. Wow, thank you Boyd, what a beautiful insight into an Artist and to what ever you make of it… for me I am the Wild Woman and today’s words run deep through the rivers and oceans of my beings. I to am an Artist and work with the alchemy of Water, Air and Colour as they Infuse together on paper or canvas. My relationship with water has been a beautiful journey of deep wisdom shared. I thank you for putting into words that which some feel so difficult to express. In Love and Light. Sat Nam dear Warrior. The Wild Man.

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