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Day 19 – Track Awareness

Day 19 40 days and 40 nights

3 thoughts on “Day 19 – Track Awareness

  1. I’d suggest making notes about each day’s entry for themes, so that they can be grouped later, or excerpted for other purposes. So much good stuff adding up here, I am losing track of the episodes, connected to themes, and ideas/people I’d like to pursue. I hope that makes sense!

  2. I really enjoy when you mention the names of the animals, I find myself searching online for images of the animals so I feel more connected to your experience.

  3. Hey Boyd! Hope someone sees this? What is Rodrigo’s last name? He sounds like an interesting connected healer! I’ve been watching a lot of Springbok rugby over this COVID 19 “break” and I’m missing home! I had plans of joining the SSISA as an Osteopath, however I’ve been sitting thinking about it and now my track is pulling me hard toward returning to SA!! 40 out!

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