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Day 2 – A Somewhat Anxious Ape

Day-2 40 Days and 40 Nights

6 thoughts on “Day 2 – A Somewhat Anxious Ape

  1. Thank you, Boyd. For those of us who perhaps don’t have the opportunity—and courage, your sharing is an amazing gift. A large part of me is there with you every day, and I am immensely grateful to”come along”. 🙏

  2. Find that rhino!

  3. If you’ve been feeling a deep Call for some time, then this is indeed going to be a transformational journey for your soul. Anxiety is one of its many Echoes to remind you of why you are here and to delve a little deeper. That’s where the real treasure is. You are already on your way to understanding that.

  4. In my self development work, particularly around uncovering my shadow beliefs, I have learned to accept anxiety as a gift. It gets me to stop and notice which one of them has been triggered by a specific situation. I must say that I envy the place you find yourself in. Being in quarantine I’ve noticed how noisy people can be. How the odd car zooming past my complex or the constant buzz from the highway nearby used to be white noise, but is suddenly so loud!

  5. Thank you Boyd, I’m enjoying this so much, your experience is both calming and exciting. As I am listening to you up in solitude in the treetops, I’m in quarantine in an apartment experiencing the rooftops of the city. Your experience is helping me focus on different things, I’m waking up with the dawn, I’m listening to all the sounds of the different birds swallows, pigeons, seagulls, a crow, and a peacock calling in the distance. I’m making and drinking my tea slowly, being more present when preparing and eating my meal. Thank you for this gift. Thank you for listening to that idea to do this. I’m loving it!!

  6. Boyd! My sister asked me to listen to your daily ramblings out on your solo wilderness retreat! Siblings are little lenses for the world that you wouldn’t otherwise look through and this time she got it bang on! Mate, I can’t tell you how much, even after two episodes (days), I have dropped into the old quietude of my meditative mind! Your poetic verse is world class, and I was right there when you mentioned the fiery necked nightjars! Beautiful! I can categorically state that you have a new follower! P.S I’ve never had a sweet potato straight out of the embers- it’s almost summer here in Canada so maybe I’ll have a chance!
    Cheers to you!

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