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Into the Unknown

Boyd Varty Retreats

To be a tracker is to develop a relationship with the unknown.  Every time you come across a trail left by some elusive wild creature a question forms in the space between your eyes and the track, a question that is innate to every trail. The scope of unknown that lies ahead is unfathomable. The terrain is unknown, the animal’s movement, mood and whereabouts. Its presence on a vast landscape brings one to thoughts of needles and haystacks.

And yet, the tracker is inclined towards this. He is attracted by all the things he can’t know for within that evolution …

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Connecting the Wilderness of Africa to You and Your Journey

It’s no secret that if I had the choice between technology or tracking an animal in the wilderness, I’d choose tracking. That said, I know that connecting this world village is made much easier, and more effective, with the use of the wonderful world of technology, social media and media sharing.

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  function …

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