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Finding a True Yes

One of the simplest and most powerful ways to break out of social constraints and be wilder is to find a genuine yes and a genuine no.

It’s so simple and yet it will break you out of all sorts of compliance and obligation.

There is a reason why, in courtroom dramas, the lawyer always says, “it’s a yes or no question.” There is simplicity to these two words that establish a direction without the spinning of elaborate stories. Saying no when you mean no will bring you to your integrity. Saying yes from deep within, before all the reasons you shouldn’t, will open your life.

When I found a clear no it came with all sorts of side effects. I couldn’t act or try to manipulate situations. I couldn’t pretend to be confused or that I wanted to but couldn’t. Learning to say no made me so much more honest. It put me in touch with myself. Then, ironically, it made me less selfish. The more I learnt to say no, the more energy I had, the more I ended up having to give.

This is the paradox of boundaries.

Finding a true yes, one that arose from deep down, started to open me to the things I really wanted to be involved in. A true yes started to discern more elegantly the places I wanted my attention to go. And where your attention goes, your life goes.

3 thoughts on “Finding a True Yes

  1. Such synchronicity in receiving this message today. Thank you, being clear on boundaries that enable me to take care of myself is a new practice. It is deep self-love. Enjoying your articles.
    The time we sat with Kate in the intention circle at LondoloZi on Woman’s Day is a memory that I treasure. Keep sharing your gifts. We feel you!!!

  2. Please sign me up for the newsletter. Thank you, Ronit

    1. Hi Ronit, we will do!

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