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Walking through Wildness

Walking through wilderness I am struck by the profound honesty of each sentient creature.

The place opens itself to scrutiny with nothing but sheer confidence. Nature’s power lies in an uncompromising and unashamed truth. Nature has no shameful secrets it needs to hide. And yet it is full of mystery.

You can be wild anywhere. Wildness is not the sole possession of the wilderness.  If wildness is connected to landscape it is most certainly the landscape of the body. For in this life, the body is the home of the spirit and it is the spirit that is the true conduit through with our nature runs.

Wildness is deep listening…wildness is living more deeply in the aliveness of the senses. Wildness is refusing to give up your integrity to be good. Wildness is the power that comes when we are deeply in touch with our own inner guidance.

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