6 thoughts on “40 Days 40 Nights – Introduction

  1. Great stuff

  2. ‘Vasbyt’ Boyd you got this!

  3. Really looking forward to this journey with you Boyd !
    Breathe well !

  4. Hi Boyd—
    I love this and I love you.
    Am curious— your necessities include magic mushrooms.
    Isn’t the purpose of this to get real, get deep?
    Am I missing something?
    My understanding is that mushrooms are hallucinogenic.
    Do they have a property that leads to greater awareness?
    Greater depths? Greater insights?
    Please educate me.

  5. Absolutely true ! your words and deep understanding of what’ lies ahead
    Is a gift and something to be explored and developed – enjoy the journey

  6. This podcast is such a treat during the Covid – shelter at home. It taps into my adventure spirit and allows me to travel without leaving the house. Thank you for your frankness, wisdom, courage, stories, and beautiful voice.


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