7 thoughts on “40 Days 40 Nights – Introduction

  1. Great stuff

  2. ‘Vasbyt’ Boyd you got this!

  3. Really looking forward to this journey with you Boyd !
    Breathe well !

  4. Hi Boyd—
    I love this and I love you.
    Am curious— your necessities include magic mushrooms.
    Isn’t the purpose of this to get real, get deep?
    Am I missing something?
    My understanding is that mushrooms are hallucinogenic.
    Do they have a property that leads to greater awareness?
    Greater depths? Greater insights?
    Please educate me.

  5. Absolutely true ! your words and deep understanding of what’ lies ahead
    Is a gift and something to be explored and developed – enjoy the journey

  6. This podcast is such a treat during the Covid – shelter at home. It taps into my adventure spirit and allows me to travel without leaving the house. Thank you for your frankness, wisdom, courage, stories, and beautiful voice.


  7. Each podcast will be my first next track for the next 40 days. Thank you for being such an inspiration and calling out to all he trackers inside of us! It was a real treat to meet you and hear you speak live about Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life in Sarasota last October <3


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