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Day 15 – Storming

Day-15 40 Days and 40 nights

6 thoughts on “Day 15 – Storming

  1. I was not prepared for this.
    This morning, after I’d taken my dogs for a hike like I do every morning, I returned home, made myself a cup of tea, and settled in to listen to today’s podcast. But it wasn’t posted yet, so I decided to go back outside to check on some ducks that are nesting in my backyard. Before I could, I received a call from my younger sister, telling me that one of my best friends from childhood had died two days ago. She was only fifty, just a year younger than me. Childhood memories immediately came flooding back – such great times we had! Yet even as my sister was sobbing on the other end, I felt myself go completely numb and was unable to cry. Hours went by and I was starting to get seriously concerned about my mental health. That’s happening a lot more often these days. Then my mother called. We haven’t spoken in months but she wanted to express her sympathy. I kept it together, somehow. Then I came back to your podcast. As I listened to you describe the storm around you, I could feel a storm gathering inside myself. When that song played, a flood of tears finally broke the dam.
    I wasn’t prepared for it, but I welcomed it. Thank you.

    1. Bless you Amy. Sorry for your loss but so glad that you were able to let go and mourn your friend. We all have a storm brewing inside us, I wish mine erupted when I was in the bush but sadly not. Take care 🙂

    2. I can only imagine the storm Boyd. I was in my snug bed and safe house and I thought I was going to be deaded by the huge frightening storm right above and overhead. I thought of you and channeled pure love and safety for us both. xxxx

  2. Hi Boyd!
    Each day I love receiving a glimpse into your Wild Adventure of mind, body and soul. Hearing you delve into the Oneness of Self, the trees, animals and even thrashing storms feels deeply intimate. Thank you for expressing with such vulnerability, truth and sound effects!
    I heard your fear today from the storm, which sounded deeply humbling and frankly, terrifying!! Good work in attempting to sing through it! And a great song choice…
    It’s a treat to hear your experiences, and I resonate with the choice of solitude, to reconnect and allow Mumma nature to work her magic… which I realise is easy to reflect upon from the Cotswolds!
    As a Wayfinder in training, it’s wonderful to explore in your stories and if I may, keep on singing!
    After your storm, this song came to mind: ‘Enter One’, by Sol Seppy.
    Big warming hug,

  3. Episode 17: Day 15 – Storming; is an epic podcast. To my mind, this experiential donation has the potential to change my life. I suspect the same is true for the host. This episodic discovery spoke to all my senses. I heard the frustration in denied expectation. I could smell the fear of lightning, cutting the air. My mind tasted deep reverence for nature. I could see through the eyes of that traversing leopard. I felt the serenity, alongside the hostility, of the bushveld. Perhaps a sixth sense; a profound spiritual consciousness.

  4. Shew, Wow I remember that storm, goodness. When the first bolt of lightning hit I literally levitated out of bed to let my dogs in as they were truly petrified, my little Jack Russel came close to a heart attack as she trembled. I then went to the deck to get my art inside and as I locked the door another bolt hit and earthed through the metal in the frame, it hit me; heavens stopped my heart for a moment. The fear to lock the door was gigantic. I then frantically moved around the house unplugging all my appliances, waiting to be struck again through the plugs. Shew it was like I had a clamp over my chest and it was squeezing my heart. The Storm took hours to pass leaving a trail of destruction in my little house, hahaha. My TV was struck, my sound bar, my Apple Lap top. A few other things to. The next day I heard my brother was on a Meet on his lap top, but listening through his headset, the lightning hit him through the headphones. Lukily he only suffered a bit of swelling to his one side of his face. But wow, the Power of that Storm, was Intense, like a collective release of Anger, Frustration and pent up emotion. I was definitely earthed and electrified after that Awesome Storm. I can only imagine what it was like to be in the tree and I am glad you were safe. Over and Out in Awesome Wonder x

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