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Day 16 – Glimpses

Day-16 40 Days and 40 Nights

2 thoughts on “Day 16 – Glimpses

  1. So glad you survived the recent storm, Boyd! Although after listening to today’s podcast, perhaps the “you” that you used to be didn’t survive. He shed yet another layer of his mortal coil to reveal and birth a less guarded level of Being. How fortunate we listeners are to receive the wisdom that Being had to share with us: “Loneliness and Longing are not the same.” Lovely! As one of Londolozi’s “frequent flyers,” I long to return. No doubt I’m not equipped to spend 40 days and 40 nights safely on my own there – or even 15 minutes! Yet the blessing in this pandemic and the social distancing it requires is that even here in “ordinary” society, I have the opportunity to experience a bit of solitude. Thank you, Boyd, for giving me context. I’m not stir crazy. I’m wild!

  2. Boyd, I am so very grateful for your daily podcasts. I become really frustrated if I can’t get to them as soon as they are posted :). While I have listened, I have been imagined myself back in the South African bush rather than imprisoned within my four walls in a once again grey and wet UK.

    I have found so many things to do that I have not had time to do over the last few months. I have a lodger living with me and so should not feel lonely, but it has felt like I have been in solitude since going into lockdown – just not in a gorgeous treehouse in the bush with amazing wildlife around me.

    Again thank you for sharing your daily stories and the track of your life!

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