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Day 24 – Pegasus

Day-24 40 Days and 40 Nights

3 thoughts on “Day 24 – Pegasus

  1. Love this rhino story. Hamba Kahle.

  2. Hi Boydie. loving every one of your podcasts. especially when you do the sound effects….it makes me smile in my heart. You bring the bush so alive, I can literally feel, smell and hear everything you describe. When I listen to your daily podcasts I always see us sitting on Varty Deck having a coffee a breakfast and you are sharing these amazing kairos moments with me/us. always bringing the Language of Nature to our ears……..thank tou and sending love. x

  3. These podcasts have become part of my daily routine, it’s great and I really look forward to them. They always leave me with something to think about. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, your time and your sense of humour with us. This story about tracking Pegasus rhino got me thinking about my perfectionist tendencies, in fact I spent the whole of the next day marinading in it. They have been useful in so far as I have an extremely good eye for detail which comes in handy, however I’ve also had to acknowledge the destructive side of them. How being such a perfectionist has led to me abandoning many projects I’ve started and worse still being so afraid of failing that the defeatist side comes out and says “why bother even trying”. There’s actually a psychological term for it – maladaptive perfectionism – that the need to be so perfect can cause extreme anxiety and even depression because nothing one does is ever good enough. So, I’ve decided to take a long hard look at this and see how I can transform the negative aspects of this into a healthier way of achieving my goals. Time to step into a new archetype! God Bless you and that rhino Boyd

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