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Day 33 – Sinking In

Day 33 40 Days and 40 Nights Boyd Varty

2 thoughts on “Day 33 – Sinking In

  1. These podcasts touch the whole of my soul. Listening makes me well again or remembering what it feels like to be at peace with life. I find myself wishing that 40 days will never end.

  2. I have been astounded by the rubbish I can collect in a week. All the plastic bothers me but I recycle as much as I can. My dad lives with my step mom in a skiing village in the Austrian Alps, population 4900! They grow a lot of their own food, in fact my last late summer trip I helped him build a raised veggie patch (to keep the local deer and moles from ravaging the stash) and it was wonderful to see photos of the incredible abundance that came out of it a few months later. I live in Joburg, I don’t enjoy it but it’s closer to the bush than Austria! I just need to find or create a village, population 49 and grow my own food and live a more sustainable life in general. I’ve been meaning to plant a veg garden for a while now so your podcast of a couple of days ago was a nice reminder to just start.

    The simple act of shopping for groceries has become an ordeal. Masks, gloves, sanitizer and then there are the queues! I happened to be in a ridiculously long Dischem queue which gave me the time to examine all the processed food crap they sell, how many shitty options do people actually need? Your tree has sounded more appealing by the day, I can’t believe your time there is almost done. I don’t suppose you’d be keen on timeshare? 🙂

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