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Podcast: Meeting Yourself in Wilderness

During a walk that I went on a couple of weeks ago, I felt a certain shift in consciousness, and a shift in the way that I was perceiving the natural world. It’s something that stayed with me for a long time, and I realised that what I was discovering was a much more native way of discovering myself in all things, in the natural world. It began with a very critical voice, centered on the fact that I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. I had all these places I wanted to be, and things I wanted to achieve, and I wasn’t doing enough to get there. That’s my common theme (it may be a different theme for you…we all have one). When that voice should have made me do more and motivate me, it actually made me rebel against it, and stop doing things. It was a recurring pattern for a week or so, and so I turned to the wilderness for the answers…

3 thoughts on “Podcast: Meeting Yourself in Wilderness

  1. Grateful for your share. My critical voice, my “not doing/being enough voice as been on a mission lately to keep me immobilized. Just listening to your story helped me to relax into an openness, to the oneness, to my essence that I long to know. While I envy your walk into the wilderness, I’m inspired to quiet myself, slow down, and listen. Breathing, with a smile on my face, and feeling grateful. Thanks, Boyd!

  2. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story of letting yourself be. So much life and knowledge in this podcast! Thank you. I hope you realize how touching and relatable you’re story is.

  3. Boyd, thanks for sharing your words of wisdom. I can relate to constantly filling my life with doing and not enough being, my reflection is who would I be without the story.

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