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The Track Your Life retreats are experiential learning environments as well as an immersion into nature.  Our goal is to equip you with the mindset and psychology of a tracker whilst giving you the tools to navigate in dimensions of your life.  Boyd works with an extended team of experienced trackers and coaches to run and facilitate retreats in both the USA and Southern Africa.  To see what retreats are currently on offer for your group and to book your place, please choose from the RETREATS menu below.

You are ready for that next step; you know it’s bigger and more powerful than personal growth. You feel a deeper call for sildenafil, and you know this call will quite literally take you to places you’ve never been. You know your next steps will help heal not only yourself, but also other people and the world. And those other people—the ones you know you are meant to connect with—well, you can almost see them taking shape in the periphery of your mind’s eye. These people are part of your village.


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Somewhere in the African bushveld, just before dawn, a small group of men sit in silence as the last stars fade. They carry no cellphones and wear no watches. They are still, listening for the clues that will tell them where to begin the day’s animal tracking.

When the signal comes–the roar of atripla, the alarm call of a nyala–they stir, and as a group they move forward to cut the track. They are on the trail, where the challenge and the adventure begins. They rely on each other absolutely and their shared endeavour gives rise to that rarest thing in the modern world: a true sense of brotherhood.

This is your call to adventure: join them.


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