Londolozi Wellness Safari



The Londolozi Wellness Safari is a chance to rediscover your own nature. To tap into a deep and natural intelligence that lives in the still core of your own wild self. To set yourself free from any place that you have become stuck and to begin to track your way back to the essence of your natural expression in the world. Combining artful resting, curated bodywork and the wilderness presence of Londolozi, this retreat is an holistic opportunity to explore what it means to be “fully alive”. This retreat is an experiential meditation in wellness.

The Londolozi Wellness Safari is crafted as an experience for true rejuvenation, restoration and transformation. Based in the ethos of the Londolozi Healing House, this retreat encompasses game drives, intensive body work, yoga and time spent immersed in the silence of nature.


Londolozi Learning Journey Tree Camp

Situated within six million hectares of pristine wilderness, Londolozi has been owned and run by my family for more than 90 years. The word Londolozi comes from the Zulu language and means “protector of all living things”. Endorsed by Nelson Mandela, who described it as “a dream I cherish for a model of nature preservation in our country”, it is one of the best places in the world to see leopards in the wild.  Some of Londolozi’s most popular features are its state-of-the-art photographic studio, where it offers professional-grade gear rentals, photo editing tuition and the facility to print your own safari moments on canvas and it’s first-of-its-kind safari Healing House — a place where wellness has been returned to wilderness.

Here, you rediscover what it means to be human, attuned to the natural world.

Londolozi’s powerful combination of geography and wildlife creates the famous atmosphere that returning guests call the “Londolozi feeling”. Wild animals move freely, offering spectacular game viewing and a true wilderness experience. Breeding herds of elephant and buffalo roam throughout Londolozi, while white rhino and lion concentrations are among the highest recorded on the African continent. Over the course of more than four decades, a unique relationship has developed between their rangers and trackers and generations of wild leopards. Guests agree intimate leopard sightings are a pinnacle life experience. My family and I believe in safari as a journey that immerses the senses and awakens the spirit. To encounter wild animals in the bush is to discover an essential truth about ourselves and our world.

Londolozi Learning Journey


At Londolozi, we believe in honouring ancient ways, harmony in flow and the rhythms of nature. Our hope is that at the Healing House, situated at Londolozi Varty Camp, you will rediscover what it means to be human, and attuned to the natural world.  The Londolozi Healing House is a place of remembering, a shift from the world of doing into the world of being, a chance to re-discover your own nature and access a deep and natural intelligence which lies within the still core of your own wild self.  The Londolozi Healing House experience will help you to combine the core safari excursions with artful resting, curated bodywork and yoga in the surrounds of the expansive wilderness presence of Londolozi. We have crafted some special activities for true rejuvenation, restoration and transformation.

Working with our trained Wellness Practitioners, Therapists and Wilderness Guides, we invite you to commune with the African wilderness and to find within you a sense of wellbeing. In the hurried world of today, true luxury is time to oneself in search of self-healing and connection to nature. The Londolozi Healing House is a place where time will allow for intangible magic, stillness and contemplation to stir deep within you.



The adventurer who wants to unplug from culture’s daily routine.  Someone who is looking for a new navigation guided by the body and who wants to explore new treatments that optimize health, high performance and reduce the residues of stressful lifestyles.  The retreat is for someone wanting to reset the way their life is calibrated and become more attuned to their natural energetic flows and find their way into artful resting.  This retreat is a process in reconnecting to the rhythms of nature, a resetting of your nervous system, circadian rhythms and sleep patterns.  The retreat is the ultimate high-performance booster for a modern day lifestyle.


Londolozi Learning Journey



  • Luxurious accommodations at Londolozi.  We recommend 5 days/4 nights.
  • World-class cuisine (Light, fresh food program) plus beverages
  • 2 game drives per day with a guide and animal tracker
  • Daily rejuvenation treatments at the Healing House
  • Access to cardio gym
  • Daily yoga class and breath work