Londolozi Learning Journey

Learning Journey


Boyd Varty Learning JourneyMy Family have long been involved in the exploration and discovery of the unusual, and often undefined metrics that make for a truly impactful transformation. Now for the first time ever I am taking you behind the scences to experience a living model and how this may offer inspiration to ripple out into the world you live in.

This is a once in a lifetime journey into the possibility of starting a restoration movement for the planet and humanity.

This journey is a gathering of like-minded healers who are seeking new ways of living and thinking about deploying time and energy in a way that will change your life personally and the lives of many others.

Your Learning Journeys includes adventure, beauty, wellness and new systems for living experienced through the principles of village life and deep insight into the Londolozi conservation development model which has been in place since the 1970’s.  Perhaps, most importantly, this journey will immerse your in a restored wilderness, get you up close and personal with Africa’s wildlife and give you a chance to learn about our shared humanity.

We hope you will join us.
– Boyd



Founded in 1976 as the original safari lodge in South Africa, the Londolozi Conservation Development Model had by 1990 demonstrated conclusively that people and wildlife could live and work together in harmony to the mutual benefit of all. Londolozi had become a destination of exceptional beauty and a Safe Haven for wildlife, operated by an extended family who strive for right relations to be practiced across all races and cultures at all times.

The central tenant of Londolozi has always been the belief that warm and engaging care of our visiting Guests is the wellspring from which we find our ‘Spirit of Place’ and the foundation upon which The Model stands.

During his Long Walk to Freedom, President Mandela visited Londolozi on many occasions and it was during these visits, whilst immersed in nature, that a special bond was formed between the President and the Varty Family.  Mr. Mandela endorsed the Londolozi Model as a blueprint for conservation and it became a working example of how wildlife and tourism could contribute to the welfare of South Africa and her people in a new and emerging democratic South Africa.

Nelson Mandela Londolozi Game Reserve

By 1992, The Model was ecologically sustainable, economically profitable and ready to be exported and become the blueprint from which to launch an industry.

So, it was, in that same year, together with some other crazy African entrepreneurs, that my parents Dave and Shan Varty set about convincing a number of local and international investors of reference that The Londolozi Conservation Model should be replicated and exported to other locations in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Their passion and commitment to this idea culminated in the establishment of a company called Conservation Corporation Africa (CCAfrica), now &Beyond. Their mission was to attract meaningful impact investment for the creation of sustainable conservation development models elsewhere in Africa, using Londolozi as the blueprint. The advantages of the original Conservation Development Model founded at Londolozi and endorsed by Nelson Mandela, lay in its ability to produce long-term returns for investors whilst simultaneously ensuring sustainable conservation and community upliftment. As such, it was these guiding principles that went on to inspire hundreds of other enduring nature-based tourism operations, which have since been established and flourished across Africa.

Today a thriving industry exists which supports, in growing numbers, employment opportunities, social upliftment and commercial owner- operated supply chain enterprises. Based on sound conservation and protection of wildlife, this industry serves to support and promote family life for thousands of rural families.


“Visionary families, companies and organisations who have established like-minded conservation models at various remote locations in Africa and elsewhere demonstrate on a daily basis the wisdom of restoring nature’s master plan and allowing the Economy of Wildlife to thrive.  These multiplying “Pockets of Light” around the world are creating exemplary nature-based experiences offering opportunities that benefit thousands of families, suppliers, farmers and entrepreneurs living in remote regions of the world. They also represent the stepping stones of a new global consciousness and the importance of our reconnection to source.”



Londolozi Learning Journey

Situated within six million hectares of pristine wilderness, Londolozi has been owned and run by my family for more than 90 years. The word Londolozi comes from the Zulu language and means “protector of all living things”. Endorsed by Nelson Mandela, who described it as “a dream I cherish for a model of nature preservation in our country”, it is one of the best places in the world to see leopards in the wild.  Some of Londolozi’s most popular features are its state-of-the-art photographic studio, where it offers professional-grade gear rentals, photo editing tuition and the facility to print your own safari moments on canvas and it’s first-of-its-kind safari Healing House — a place where wellness has been returned to wilderness.

Here, you rediscover what it means to be human, attuned to the natural world.

Londolozi’s powerful combination of geography and wildlife creates the famous atmosphere that returning guests call the “Londolozi feeling”. Wild animals move freely, offering spectacular game viewing and a true wilderness experience. Breeding herds of elephant and buffalo roam throughout Londolozi, while white rhino and lion concentrations are among the highest recorded on the African continent. Over the course of more than four decades, a unique relationship has developed between their rangers and trackers and generations of wild leopards. Guests agree intimate leopard sightings are a pinnacle life experience. My family and I believe in safari as a journey that immerses the senses and awakens the spirit. To encounter wild animals in the bush is to discover an essential truth about ourselves and our world.

Londolozi Learning Journey


Families, Teams and Healers who are looking to adventure together. To learn about themselves, leave a legacy and deploy their learnings both internally and externally.  This is for individuals who are seeking to engage in new systems for living and a mindset of deep abundance and restoration. For those looking for innovative outward looking healing modalities and time together in a unique environment, unplugged from culture’s daily routines.


Track Your Life Learning-Journey


The goal of the Learning Journey is to place you in a diverse multidimensional experience in an environment like no other as a means to begin to open your awareness to new possibilities for yourself as a individual and healer.  The Learning Journey will provide encounters with nature, self, body, spirit and community.

The retreat activities are crafted to generate expanding presence.

Daily safaris, tracking activities, wellness activities, shared gourmet cuisine, and the opportunity to disconnect and rediscover a wilder part of yourself.

Experience deep rejuvenation in nature through the Londolozi Healing House.

Understand the art of true abundance, campfire storytelling and how to heal an ecosystem internally and externally.

This and much more will be a part of an adventure that will also include learning to Track Your Life, safari vision quests, starlit skies, and an introduction to bringing world class education to rural Africa.  We will showcase the Londolozi model and take guests behind the scenes of our family’s 5 – generation restoration journey whilst you are exclusively accommodated at Londolozi Tree Camp for 4 nights/5 days.

Londolozi Tree Camp


Londolozi Tree Camp


“Only rarely does one get the opportunity to spend real quality time over almost a week of days and nights with a group of people like this. Individually they are recognised globally as masters (professors, really) of their craft and collectively they worked seamlessly together to provide a living learning experience in so many aspects of the wilderness, leadership and self-discovery, with a solid underpin of art, science, and good humour. The result was a surprising and special experience that I can freely recommend to anybody who is perhaps ready to journey further into their own leadership odyssey.” – Frank



Please note: This retreat needs to be booked exclusively for your group (min 6 – max 12 people). You will also have the option to select a specific Londolozi camp depending on your group size.