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Wander Learn Podcast

Boyd Varty’s TED talk about “What I Learned From Nelson Mandela” made Varty famous. His talk has nearly two million views.

His newest book came out this week. It’s called The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life.

Varty is a fourth-generation custodian of the Londolozi Game Reserve. Unlike his ancestors, he’s never hunted a lion. Now he just tracks them for eco-tourism. I ask him:

  • What would his lion-hunting ancestors say about his conservation efforts?
  • Does he think that hunting helps or hurts animal conservation?
  • What does having a “sit spot” mean and how can it help you?
  • How exactly does a male lion’s mane protect the lion?
  • What’s the first story that we told ourselves?
  • What can we learn from tracking a lion?

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