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Good Life Project Podcast

Born into a family of conservationists and trackers in South Africa, Boyd Varty began learning the art of tracking lions at a young age. Not for hunting, but rather as a devotion. And, eventually, as a scout for guides to bring guests into the wilderness in search of seeing animals, most often lions, in a protected environment. Through the process, learning to connect deeply with the land and natural environment, he discovered how to see and follow threads that often took hours, if not days, to lead to a majestic and wild end. But, when it came to his own life, he found himself shut down after trauma, operating on autopilot until a chance encounter with Martha Beck changed everything and opened his eyes to the possibility of using his skills as a tracker to find his way back into a life of meaning, joy and connection. Now, a storyteller, coach, tracker, activist, founder of the Good Work Foundation and the author of The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life, he’s on a mission to help others find their own paths to healing, wholeness and wildness or, in his words, to “Track Your Life.”

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  1. I just listened to this podcast on my way into work. So much of what was said resonated with my life and the stage I’m at – where at 63, (yes 63) I’m trying to find my way. So spot on that social conventions and everyone’s opinions can lead you off kilter. I feel like I’m blowing up my world and leaving a trail of angry and hurt people behind me, but I honestly, don’t know how to do anything but keep moving forward. Thank you for your wisdom.

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