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Day 31 – Dialogue with Silence

Day 31 40 Days and 40 Nights Boyd Varty

2 thoughts on “Day 31 – Dialogue with Silence

  1. Nature’s beauteous form
    Contains a lovely essence
    Called by some – decay.
    By this lovely presence
    New life finds its way.
    Tears shed silently
    Are but water of the soul:
    They bring new life
    To the pain of being
    A separation from that seeing
    Which death makes whole

  2. Wow!!! so powerful Botd. Gratitude…for me your describing so beautifully the tuning into/ being enveloped by the ‘The Sound/The Naad/The Om…..The Vibration of Oneness……
    On a selfish level -i hope we dont lose you as I love your daily sharings, but I trust and know if we do – there will still be Pearl’s of Wisdom that you share later with us in the everywhere. Sending you pure love and enjoy the

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