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Day 30 – The First Track

Day-30 40 days and 40 nights Boyd Varty Jungle Oats

2 thoughts on “Day 30 – The First Track

  1. Loving these posts so much. Wonderful to have has companion in lockdown. Today’s one just what was needing. Deep thanks.

  2. Your post a few days back – Day 27 – Who would you be without your story? – really hit home for me. Back in 2018, I started a blog – Relish Your Story – that lasted the entire year. Each week I would post an essay that I’d written based on each of the 52 essays in David Whyte’s beautiful book, Consolations.
    The blog was well received by strangers, but not so much with my family, so a few months into 2019, I made the difficult decision to remove the content from my website. It was a decision that I’ve regretted every day since.
    After listening to your Day 27 dispatch, something told me it was time to put my work back out into the world so I set a goal for myself. I gave myself four days to move all 52 blog posts over to my Medium page so I could republish them.
    On May 1st they were ready, but was I?
    Then I listened to this post – Day 30 – The First Track.
    The timing of it couldn’t be more perfect. It reassured me that, for better or worse, the decision I made was the right one.
    I am a writer who had doubted herself for far too long. Writing was always my first track but I had lost my way.
    I am happy to report that I’m back to following that first track again.
    Thank you!

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