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Day 36 – Never Punch a Monkey

Day-36 40 Days and 40 Nights boyd Varty

1 thought on “Day 36 – Never Punch a Monkey

  1. Hi Boyd
    I wanted to skip ahead to leave a comment that I felt compelled to …..mind you I am only on day four of your journey but absolutely loving what you are doing and the quiet solitude of what lies ahead for you. I do have to ask you a question that rang out for me: you mentioned potentially meet robbing from predators. I have to ask if the practice of that directly contradicts the trust you are trying to build with these animals on Londolozi? What with their success rates being so low, what are your thoughts on taking meat from an animal that works so hard to obtain a meal and might not have success again for a long time? In the end maybe this is something you did not do… I will find out but I just wanted to get your thoughts .
    I do hope you found the answers you were looking for on your journey! And that the journey inward was every bit as mystical and magical as you thought it would be.

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