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Day 37 – The Two Paths

Day-37 40 Days and 40 Nights Boyd Varty

3 thoughts on “Day 37 – The Two Paths

  1. I remember waking up one morning in my mid-teens and thinking that I was actually two very different people! The ‘other’ side was my wild side – just as you described. It was the side with no boundaries, no conventions, just following my heart and desires. It was an exciting discovery, but one I felt I could not embrace fully – at least at that time. Over the years, I thought about following that side, and sometimes I came close. Good for you Boyd! I admire you completely!

  2. Thank you, thank you! How quickly these days have past, not long for you to go… With each post like today’s so much for me to pause and gently be with now and in the days to come. Lots to let sink in and sit by a fire with.

    I have been wondering what it will be like for you to emerge from your time of retreat into a wider world still in its retreat. At any other moment your changing of pace would have happened against a backdrop of a wider world often lost in its epidemic of ‘busy-ness’. Now in the face of a pandemic, for some things have grown quieter into home styled retreats whilst others have been brought closer to the cliff edge of daily survival.
    What a fascinating time to be able to share stories and experiences with friends close by and those far away.
    I have really loved the format of these posts as a daily audio. I grew up with a dad that lived an ocean away in the USA. In the days before Skype and easy connection we kept in touch by sending small tapes recorded on a dictaphone across the ocean. I remember the huge excitement of receiving a new tape of dad sharing his daily stories as he trundled to work across the countryside of the midwest in all its seasons. Now that he is gone what remains are those tapes filled with essence of self and voice. What a gift you have created over these days for self, family, friends and others now and in years to come
    My deep thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences from your beautiful bushveld tree.

  3. Shew, I am not sure where to start. Knowing that this is the last few days of your tree house pod cast makes me really quite emotional. The value of this podcast in my life at this time has been extraordinary… You have been my Mentor and I have most certainly been the Menteee!!! I am one of those left pathers that walked the right path till I was 33. But walked it in a shadow… as my wild self screamed daily to break the confines of what I felt was the right thing to do. From 33 my life changed considerably as I made choices that broke my marriage and family as my wild self broke loose from the caged life I had played out for myself. With broken feathers I walked this new world, what felt like allot of the time on my own.. with this choice I lost allot and the wounds from that felt almost unbearable.. but there was something in me that never felt more alive, that gave me the strength to continue to cut my own way… I am 37 now and my life is truly quite different. I have very little structure and what you speak of resonates true, the one thing I have been missing is a mentor. A few weeks into this quarantine and I was hitting rock bottom, my wild self becoming confined to a home schooling system that was forcing me to relive the structure…. the screaming started again. I had little discipline to practice my daily meditation, or paint…. then your podcast came along, through your beautiful Aunt Bejay, and I am so grateful. It connected me right back to what feeds my soul, the African bush… and gave me the mentoring I needed to navigate my way through this time. My wild Self is Alive and thriving….. Thank You!! I cherish these last few days. And to me you are still there. X That beautiful Tree and it’s wisdom is your Grounding roots. I would not be surprised if you were not a tree spirit right at that spot in a past life…. so beautiful. Huge loves x Kez

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