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Align Podcast: The Meaning of Being Human, Overcoming Trauma and Learning to Say ‘I Don’t Know’

Align podcast with Boyd Varty

In this episode of the Align Podcast, Boyd tells us how African safaris can relate to the journey into our own lives. He also emphasizes how important it is to connect with nature for our personal well-being, especially in a world where technology is dehumanizing us on many levels. Boyd shares his personal experience with trauma and how he embarked on a healing journey through transformational practices and doing the work. Join us as we discuss what it means to be human, how to live towards the feeling and giving into the idea of “I don’t know”.

What we discussed in the episode:

  • 02:18 Deep Breathe might help you.
  • 06:50 Who is Boyd Varty?
  • 18:15 Awareness looking at itself as a separate point of awareness.
  • 30:33 If I’m not busy, I get depressed.
  • 32:26 The Deep dark, unconscious aspects of yourself will be made manifest in your material world.
  • 36:33 Ceremony Work
  • 49:16 How do we like to lead someone into more depth within ourselves?
  • 01:02:02 The kudu is really travelling with me.
  • 01:10:13 What is the evolutionary function of distrust, chronic comparison, and alienation from oneself and nature?
  • 01:15:22 What are some natural lifestyle choices that can help soothe the nervous system in a modern world?

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