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The Great Unlearn: Activate Your Wild Self and Awaken to a Fuller Life

The Great Unlearn Boyd Varty

On this podcast I sharem my wisdom on embracing our wild selves with my friend Cal Callahan from the Great Unlearn Podcast. We recently celebrated his 40th birthday on the South African coastline — hiking across the landscape, leaping from cliffs, and engaging in meaningful and revealing fireside conversations. Along this journey there was one primary aspect that we all felt truly touched by: the awakening of our unique wild self.

Boyd and I dive into…

➝ The ceremony of entering a new decade

➝ The journey to the wild self

➝ Becoming someone who cultivates and fosters life

➝ The intelligence of moving grief

➝ Uprooting what numbs us – identities, roles, unfelt emotions, stimulants

➝ And more!


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