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Tim Ferriss Podcast – Boyd Varty: The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life (#571)

Boyd Varty Tim Ferriss Podcast

“If it had been a horror movie, people in the audience would’ve started saying, ‘Don’t go near the shadowy place!’ And of course, as I walked past the shadowy place, I actually sat down just on the edge of those shadows. And my perception was that the water was too shallow for crocodiles. But of course the crocodile was in the hole, and the first thing that you notice when a crocodile grabs you is just the ferocity and the pressure of the bite.” — Boyd Varty

Boyd Varty (@boydvarty) is the author of two books, The Lion Tracker’s Guide to Life and his memoir, Cathedral of the Wild. He has been featured in The New York Times, on NBC, and in other media and has taught his philosophy of “tracking your life” to individuals and companies around the world.

Boyd is a wildlife and literacy activist who has spent the last ten years refining the art of using wilderness as a place for deep introspection and personal transformation. He grew up in South Africa on Londolozi Game Reserve, a former hunting ground that was transformed into a nature preserve by Boyd’s father and uncle—both visionaries of the restoration movement. Under his family’s stewardship, the Reserve became renowned not only as a sanctuary for animals but as a place where once-ravaged land was able to flourish again and where the human spirit could be restored. When Nelson Mandela was released after 27 years of imprisonment, he went to Londolozi to recover.

Boyd has a degree in psychology from the University of South Africa. He is a TED speaker and the host of the Track Your Life podcast.

Please enjoy!

A podcast with Tim Ferriss

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Skinny Confidential – How To Heal Your Trauma & Find The Track Of Your Life

A podcast with The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast

On today’s episode we are joined by wildlife and literacy activist Boyd Varty, author of the memoir Cathedral of the Wild, and recently The Lion Trackers Guide To Life. Boyd joins the show today to discuss how we can learn to connect with nature more to heal our trauma and find the track of our life.

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Woke and Wired

Following The Track Of Your Life and Creative Process in The Digital Age

Boyd Varty’s podcast series, 40 days and 40 nights, is the most impactful content I’ve experienced this year. In it, Boyd explores the archetype of the mystic in nature, how consciousness changes outside of the structures of modern life, and what it means to be wild.

In this episode we discuss:

We discuss: 

  • Boyd’s top lesson from living in a treehouse in the wild for 40 days
  • How to create space for a different system of intelligence to unfold
  • Being a conduit for nature’s wisdom
  • Boyd’s content creation process
  • Taking notes as a way to connect to the Divine
  • Restoring the land
  • Being a creator and an artist in the digital age
  • The vital part of the famous Joseph Campbell quote that’s often left out
  • The power of discipline
  • Letting go of societal norms to step into your wild nature
  • Going beyond the playbook of “success”
  • Feeling alive and expansive as an indicator of moving closer to your purpose
  • Boyd walks us through the 4-step process that’s been the most profound teacher in his life
  • How to question and reframe your limiting beliefs
  • Podcast as an opportunity to broadcast your frequency
  • Boyd’s personal approach to boundaries with Instagram