Co-Ed Retreats

Our co-ed retreats are a time to blend the masculine and feminine energies in nature.  We will work in the movement of yin and yang, action and contemplation, active and receptive, giving and receiving, being and doing.

During the retreat we have crafted every experience to allow us as a group to drop into this more natural rhythm where we pulse between these states.

The co-ed retreats allows you to put your group of your favorite people together  as a way to enter with trusted friends into a profoundly transformative experience. On this retreat we will use our years of experience to connect you with nature, your own “inner track” and allow you as a group to create a forum and an experience that teaches you how to enter deeper into inner work together.

All retreats are set at the world famous Londolozi Game Reserve where Boyd is the fourth generation custodian of a profoundly beautiful and wild part of Africa.  Boyd Varty works here where his connection with the healing power of the land is most amplified.

Drawing on some of the best trackers in the world and utilizing his local knowledge while using Londolozi beautiful camps as a base Boyd is able to combine a number of important elements into crafting experiences that are truly transformative and unique.

These retreats are for you:

  • If you are in a transition
  • If you are asking yourself ‘what’s next?’
  • If you feel stuck
  • If you no longer feel fed by what you do
  • If you are looking for an adventure
  • If you would like to deepen your inner practice
  • If you are on a journey of awakening and want to accelerate your path