Men’s Retreats

Part of being a man is that at junctures in your life you will need to step out of your life to vision and answer the call to adventure.  The masculine energy needs to constantly reorient itself as we move through the phases of our lives.

Our retreats are a time out of your daily routine where in a wild place you can rediscover your track and path.  Using wilderness immersions and the ancient art form of tracking we will take you deep into a process that will reconnect you with your own inner guidance system.  We will put you on your feet in a wild landscape and use it as a doorway for personal awakening.

Our retreats are designed using all my years of experience to curate wilderness experience that are simply the most exciting time I know how to have in nature while using the wilderness as a space to learn about yourself.

These retreats are for you:

  • If you are in a transition
  • If you are asking yourself ‘what’s next?’
  • If you feel stuck
  • If you no longer feel fed by what you do
  • If you are looking for an adventure
  • If you would like to deepen your inner practice
  • If you are on a journey of awakening and want to accelerate your path