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The World Village: Notes from a Road Dog #1

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1 thought on “The World Village: Notes from a Road Dog #1

  1. I heard of Shambala a few years back and ever since I heard of it, it’s been my dream and vision to live consciously in a conscious place among conscious people like described in Shambala.

    Yesterday I landed in a place that is close (not very close. More or less) to where Shambala is said to be located.
    I’m here now. In the most beautiful location, where nature is wild and free and pure. But I’m going to be working in a conventional set after a very very long time and I’m wondering, feeling almost lost as to how am I going be true to myself and be in harmony with the unconventionalist that I am in a conventional set up? and bam! I listen to ur podcast. Now if this not perfect timing, what. It’s also a reminder to me that “Hey, u are u wanted to be. Keep going. This is exactly where you are meant to be”

    Thank you so for this podcast. For the reminder; for showing me that I am on track.

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